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Whether you’re a sole proprietor running a landscaping service or head of a major corporation, you can use a DBA for your business. While a DBA is a fictitious name, it is legally recognized as representing your actual business. A DBA does not have any impact on your business structure, nor does it affect your taxes. A DBA is used primarily for marketing purposes. It is your brand name that’s easy for potential customers to remember and to understand what you offer when they see it on a sign. At Royal Tax Services we have a team of experts in order to advise you about your company’s legal needs.

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LLC (Limited Liability Company)
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Simply put, it's the least complex business structure. Unlike an s corp or c corp, an LLC's structure is flexible. There are some great advantages for a LLC. Please call our team to discuss those advantages and benefits.

Some reasons why to use an LLC:

  • » Simplicity
  • » No residency requirement
  • » Structure flexibility
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If you're not incorporated, you don't look as professional as you like to be. Protect your personal assets, get tax advantages, and grow your business by incorporating today. To incorporate is the process of defining your business, both legally and strategically. You need to plan in order to build your business.

Some Reasons Why To Incorporate:

  • » Personal asset protection
  • » Tax flexibility and incorporation tax benefits
  • » Enhanced credibility
  • » Brand protection
  • » Perpetual existence
  • » Deductible expenses
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S Corporation
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  • » Elimination of double taxation of income
  • » Investment opportunities
  • » Once-a-year tax filing
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C Corporation
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  • » Unlimited growth potential through the sale of stock
  • » No limit on the number of shareholders
  • » Tax-deductible business expenses

At Royal Tax Services, we will advise WHICH IS YOUR BEST MOVE - S Corp, C corp or LLC is best for you. Our experts are ready to prepare your legal business documents. Give us a call.

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